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The Hawaii Tribune Herald reported last week that crime is on the rise in Downtown Hilo.

"In February, there were eight incidents of unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle, up from five a month before, according to [Hawaii Police Department Assistant Chief Henry] Tavares. There also were eight burglaries in February."[1]

That's a disturbing amount of crime considering Downtown Hilo and its surrounding population is very small.

Downtown Hilo is supposed to be an immaculate historic location, but some people have made that location ghetto.

In addition to the burglaries, Downtown Hilo is a hot spot for violence, including stabbings, shootings and murders.

To make matters worse, homelessness is also on the rise in Downtown Hilo, which could also increase disease in the area. It is believed that about 26 percent of homeless people regularly use drugs,[2] which has been linked to risky behaviors like needle sharing and unsafe sex.[3]

I've been personally harassed by a homeless person in Downtown Hilo quite a few times in the past. I've been chased by a female child who called me a "f****** haole," chased by male adult because he wanted my money, and chased by a male adult because he was high on drugs.

It has reached the point that I now carry a tactical flashlight and air horn whenever I visit Downtown Hilo. At this rate, I might also need to carry additional legal items...


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