Strange plover: "I asked "The Three Ploves" to join their group. You know what they said to me? 'What's the magic tweet?'"

Yesterday, a strange female Pacific golden plover attempted to join "The Elite Plovers" without success.

I nicknamed the three Pacific golden plovers in my neighborhood "The Elite Plovers" (consisting of one female, and two males), because they're the most intelligent and close birds of its kind that I've ever observed.

I witnessed the strange plover being chased away from "The Elite Plovers" five times. One of the Elite male plovers flew full force to chase away the strange plover, while the Elite female plover took a sneaky approach by walking up to the strange plover before it became aggressive.

Interestingly, the strange plover called out to The Elite Plovers as soon as it landed in their territory. I suspect that plover was begging to join their group because its feeding grounds was taken over by a threat.

To make matters worse, the Pacific golden plovers are just a few weeks away from migrating to either Alaska or Siberia. If that strange plover can't find a feeding ground to fatten up -- it might not survive that trip!

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