The Elite Plovers wouldn't approve.pacific golden plover hill 01

I scanned over 20 miles of paths looking for Pacific golden plovers in Hawaii from April 22-26, 2016. As expected, my quest came up short with a count of only four plovers, because bird watchers (including myself) across the state reported that species departed Hawaii from April 19-21.

On April 24, 2016, one of those plovers, a female juvenile, claimed multiple pieces of land in my neighborhood, some of which is normally guarded by The Elite Plovers (a nickname for the most intelligent flock I've ever watched). I suspect that's the same bird that tried to join their group on April 14 without success.

That bird looks too skinny to safely migrate to the Arctic tundra (Alaska, United States; or Siberia Russia). I'm hoping that bird will choose to stay in its winter grounds during its first summer... but that's highly unlikely to happen.

During that scan, I also discovered a rare (at least in Hawaii) juvenile black-bellied plover. Unlike the Pacific golden plover, that species typically remains in their winter grounds during its first summer.

April 30, 2016 Update: All four of those plovers departed Hawaii on the night of April 27, or the morning of April 28.

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