Portable gaming season has begun.hot 001 thermometer

It's that time of the year when I need to run my air conditioner whenever I play video games on my PC or PlayStation 3 -- during the night.

It's 86 °F in my home as of this writing, and after playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution (an outdated game that doesn't stress my PC) for just 30 minutes, my internal backup hard drive spiked from 109 °F to 118 °F. That's dangerous considering the maximum operating temperature for that hard drive is only 131 °F.

That's with every fan in my PC running at 100 percent. Imagine if I had let my fans run on its default settings that's run by its software!

Meanwhile, my Sony PlayStation 3's fan runs at 100 percent after playing a video game for just 5 minutes. Prolonged use increases the temperature in my room by up to 3 °F.

To make matters worse, termites swarms during the summer in Hawaii, which forces me to close my windows whenever they swarm -- making my room even warmer.

That's why I mostly play video games on my New Nintendo 3DS during the summer...

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