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No pun intended.

I heard some pretty interesting conversations and reactions while I was shopping at this year's fall Hilo Public Library Friends book sale, as seen in the transcript below:

Elderly woman 1: "How's your husband?"

Elderly woman 2: "He's doing great. He recently turned 90."

Elderly woman 1: "He's still alive?! How did he reach 90?!"

Middle aged man (shifting through the books): Damn! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Elderly woman 3: "When I die, my family is going to be shocked when they go through my home. I told them, if you don't want my books, call this number my friend will take care of my books."

Elderly man (to the cashier): "Was purchasing this one book worth the 40-mile round trip?"

Cashier: "Yes."

Elderly woman 4: "My granddaughter has really frizzy hair. I asked her, 'did you just wash your hair' and she told me 'no, it's naturally like that.' Her hair is really frizzy."

I couldn't help but to hear those conversations considering they was talking quite loud... so loud I heard one of those conversations across the entire room.

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