The Elite Plovers might have lost a member.

Last week Sunday (August 20, 2017), I blogged about "Ninja" the Pacific Golden Plover avoiding a Hawaiian hawk that was abnormally hunting in heavy rain.

Sadly, all evidence points to that bird being caught soon after that attack, because I haven't seen it since last week Monday.

The birds of prey in general has been really active over the past week in my neighborhood. A pueo owl flew over my head about 15 feet away the other day!

Another Pacific golden plover that I nicknamed "Peep-Peep" was quick to take over Ninja's feeding grounds... that bird is so persistent -- it has been trying to make friends with Ninja since October 2016.

September 8, 2017 update: I'm happy to report that I saw Ninja today! It must have gotten hurt during an escape.

Unfortunately for Peep-Peep, Ninja chased it back to its smaller feeding grounds.

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