Couch Potato has the biggest challenge of its life.pacific golden plover 004

No pun intended.

The largest juvenile Pacific golden plover I've ever seen has claimed a patch of grass that was never claimed in-between The Elite Plovers territory. It's also trying to share one-third of Couch Potato's (a member of The Elite Plovers) territory.

Couch Potato wasn't amused and doesn't want that juvenile anywhere near its territory. Even in that unclaimed patch. What's hilarious is that juvenile stood its ground and chased away Couch Potato from that patch.

What's even more hilarious is that juvenile is quite vocal. It was tweeting to Couch Potato throughout the entire day.

I'm hoping that juvenile will stick around because it's larger than an adult bird of its kind. I'd like to see what it looks like after it fattens up for its migration!

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