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Superstitions are a way of life in Hawaii due to cultural diversity. A common believe among residents is "karma," a spiritual principle of an individual receiving good or bad luck due to their past actions.

Most stories about karma is downright eerie. It's as if a parallel universe has the power to influence our reality. I'm going to periodically post Hawaii related stories about karma, starting with this story about a person with a bad attitude being bitten by a stray dog.

Imagine a person with the worst possible attitude in charge of a low tier government job. That person gets away with yelling and threatening their inferiors, and their superiors are too scared to do discipline them. Apparently, karma was watching.

A stray dog passed everyone without showing any signs of aggression, but as soon as it saw that person with a bad attitude -- it became aggressive and gave that person a nasty bite! It ran away and was never seen again.

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