Next flock to battle high winds.pacific golden plover windy 01

Most of the plovers that I observe has made their way back to Hawaii before the Powerful Hurricane Hector lashes the Big Island of Hawaii with tropical storm force gusts and dangerous surf.

The leader of "The Elite Plovers" (the main trio that I observe) landed on August 7, 2018. I nicknamed that male bird Tweet-Tweet. I'm still waiting for the other members Ninja (male) and Couch Potato (female).

Meanwhile, Peep-Peep (female) is invading Ninja's feeding grounds, and Yacker (a large and loud male plover) is invading Couch Potato's feeding grounds. They made friends with each other.

The plovers that are flying over Lanai are currently battling wind gusts of over 40 MPH; meanwhile, the plovers that finds food on the coast will need to find food elsewhere for the time being.

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