Needs to find a new feeding ground ASAP.pacific golden plover windy 01

The Pacific golden plovers that previously searched for food in the 2018 lava eruption zone on the Big Island of Hawaii, must have been shocked to see that location covered with hot lava!

What was once an ideal place for them to search for food is now lifeless! By the end of June 2018, the lava covered approximately 9.6 square miles (6,144 acres) of ground!

The situation is dire for wildlife such as the plovers because they just migrated back to Hawaii, and they're territorial. The plovers that didn't lose their land to lava will most likely chase away the desperate plovers searching for food.

I've noticed an increased amount of plovers in Hilo frantically searching for food in flocks. This rare situation is going to make an interesting wintering season.




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