A season of work.

It's that time of the year when the day length and solar radiation increases as the spring season progresses. Here's just a few of the things I'll do during that season because of the weather changes:

  • Top dress my dormant houseplants with a soil revitalizer and fertilizer to increase microbial activity and nutrients.

  • Clean all of my screens twice to optimize air flow. During the winter I only need to clean my screens once.

  • Place sun shades behind east facing windows.

  • About halfway through the season, I'll need to clean my fans. The last time that I needed to clean my fans was about halfway through the autumn.

  • Replace my HEPA filters. I find it best to replace them in the spring when the dry season starts.

  • Dust my home daily because of the drier air mass. During the winter I only need to dust my home every two days.

  • Reactivate the silica gel in my storage containers.

  • Seal my bathroom walls with a no VOC mold controller.

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