The first of many horror stories.hypodermic needle 001

There's a condo in the state that's so notorious, law enforcement allegedly stated they're sick of the place. I have so many stories to share, I don't know where to start.

The first thing that I can remember about that place is management warning me to not walk or sit in the grass, because the dirt is filled with syringes. I remember spotting a needle erecting from the dirt soon after that warning.

Apparently, some people was stabbed by a dirty needle. It's not clear if their footwear or skin was stabbed.

Some parents allowed their children to play in the grass knowing well they could potentially be stabbed by a dirty needle. It was nauseating to witness.

I even found a used syringe under the bathroom sink. The previous tenants must have been so drugged up, they forgot where they hid their syringe.

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