*For indoor gardeners.

This past Monday was the first full day of autumn for the Northern Hemisphere, and the slightly cooler weather that will follow is borderline growing conditions for indoor lettuce in the lower elevations of Hawaii.

I planted four non-GMO heat-tolerant varieties of lettuce (red romaine, green romaine, oak leaf and lollo rossa) in organic soil. Because those plants will remain indoors, I can significantly reduce its chances of bolting during the autumn if I follow these steps:

  1. Use an LED light that emits very little heat.

  2. Mist and water my lettuce with water that's slightly cooler than tap water.

  3. Place my lettuce near a window sill during the night.

  4. Prune leaves as soon as its ready to be consume.

I'm planning on planting seeds every three weeks for a continuous supply of lettuce that doesn't taste bitter. This routine will save me a lot of money, because high quality organic lettuce is expensive.

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