Here we go again.

I went to a sale last week Saturday where they offered a box of books, discs, vinyl records, etc. for $5; as usual, greedy customers ruined the sale for everyone because they tossed every disc into their boxes.

Two of those dingbats stated they're entitled to every disc because they're "off the grid." One of those dingbats placed their box in the "for sale" section and yelled at the customers who went in their boxes.

One of the many customers who was yelled at is a mother with a child. The dingbat wouldn't even let that child take one children's movie.

When that dingbat left, the people in charge of that sale brought out more discs via a rolling cart, and a dingbat from the pits of Hell came out of nowhere to grab the entire cart which contained five packed rows of discs.

To counter those dingbats, they should offer new discs every 30 minutes in different sections of the sale. 😉

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