Or should they stay in Eastern Time?massachusetts flag 001

New England are not only considering abolishing the practice of changing clocks twice a year when daylight saving time (DST) starts and ends, but they're also considering moving to a later time zone.

That geocultural region comprises of the following six states in the northeastern part of the United States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Since Hawaii doesn't practice DST, that location is 6 hours behind New England from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday of November. If they change their time zone and end DST, New England would be permanently 6 hours ahead of Hawaii.

To put things into perspective, a business in Hawaii that operates from 8 AM to 5 PM, would only have 3 hours to communicate with a similar business in New England if their time is permanently 6 hours ahead of Hawaii.

Question: Should New England change their time zone and/or end DST?

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