Kenyan coffee 001

Dark roast Brazilian blend.

Salvadoran blend.

Hawaiian Kona blend.

In the seventh episode of the second season of the Frasier TV series titled "The Candidate," the main character Dr. Frasier Crane choose a Hawaiian Kona blend because it's the most ethical choice.

Waitress: Can I help you, sir?

Frasier: Yes, what are your specials today?

Waitress: Kenyan blend.

Frasier: No, no, no, no.  Still poaching elephants over there. Got something else?

Waitress: Dark roast Brazilian.

Frasier: Not until they do something about the loss of our rainforests.

Waitress: Salvadoran?

Frasier: No, I've never forgiven them for their human rights violations.

Waitress: Well, then we're down to the Hawaiian Kona blend.  Or, have they slaughtered too many macadamia nuts?

Frasier: [gives her a look, then] That'll be fine, thank you.

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