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The cost for school supplies has increased, but Hawaii's general fund budget has been static since 2008. The lack of funds has forced teachers in Hawaii to ask for donations.

One of the most wanted items is wooden pencils which most teachers favors over mechanical pencils, because most students now days aren't responsible enough to cherish their school supplies.

The problem with wooden pencils is it needs to be sharpened daily, and some of the lead is wasted during that process. Some teachers opts to use slow manual pencil sharpeners that's a distraction, while other teachers opts to use fast expensive pencil sharpeners that doesn't last long.

If students learned to take responsibility for their mechanical pencils, they could use those pencils for years. I personally used the same 0.5 mm mechanical pencil from the seventh to twelfth grade.

I now use a 0.7 mm mechanical pencil with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead that costs only $4 for 90 pieces of lead, that can withstand up to 123.9 grams of pressure before it will break. At approximately $0.04 per lead that will last as long as a wooden pencil, that's a whole lot cheaper than a wooden pencil that costs approximately $0.15 in Hawaii during the summer.

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