I don't say that too often.

Tropical Storm Olivia is forecast to start impacting the state close to 2 AM on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. Please be advised the timing is subject to change.

I was expecting The Hawaii Department of Education (Hawaii DOE) to cancel school today (like they normally do), but they made the right call by operating as normal. Only two schools are closed on Maui because emergency management agencies needs the day to setup shelters.

A few parents blasted the Hawaii DOE on Twitter stating they're prioritizing education over safety. They must have not checked the forecast this morning... and they must have not read about what happens to students if they're absent.

The state in general is struggling with chronic absentees. Considering the Hawaii DOE already canceled school for 2-3 days (1 of which was completely unnecessary) in August alone, they have the responsibility of optimizing their schedule based on facts, not lazy assumptions.

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