This will require strong leadership.

United States Senator Brian Schatz (Hawaii) yesterday urged Hawaii's schools to increase air ventilation and filtration in their facilities.

“As schools prepare to reopen for in-person learning, it is important that we take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within schools and to keep our students, families, teachers, and other school workers safe,” Schatz wrote in letters to school leaders. “Proper ventilation is critical in preventing the spread of the virus. The CDC’s guidance for schools calls for many steps that schools should take to improve ventilation. It requires strong leadership to ensure that all schools are prepared to put these mitigation strategies into place.”[1]

It's pretty bad if a Senator needs to urge schools to follow the CDC’s guidance -- that was posted on July 23, 2020.[2] If a school isn't following this guidance by now, they should be put on a two week quarantine to ensure the students will be as safe as possible when in-person learning is expected to resume a few weeks from now.


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