So hard she thought it was still Thanksgiving.homosexual 001

One of the lesbians in my neighborhood has been in full party force since December 31, 2014. On New Years Day alone I saw that woman drink an entire bottle of whisky! Here's a few hilarious quotes that she yelled over the past few days:

  • "Happy f*****g Thanksgiving!"

  • "Hey, mathafacka. I thought dat cracker was one f*****g bomb!"

  • "I when f*****g pass out last night and when I when wake up she was in my f*****g legs!"

  • "Happy New Year mathafackas!"

  • "I when pass out again! This time my f*****g feet was sticking out da door."

  • "Holy s**t I when piss my panties!"

That's what she said.

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