You won't believe who the incompetent parent blamed for their failures.

The ghetto Labor Day weekend disputes has begun in my neighborhood. Two adults are currently arguing over the unsupervised children in my neighborhood that's always raising Hell and vandalizing objects.

A sane adult told a parent they should watch their children better, and the parent responded by claiming the Hawaii Department of Education are the reason why their children doesn't behave at home.

So let me get this straight, teachers are expected to discipline their students after school hours?! That's absurd. Some of the parents these days are quick to blame someone else for their failures...

If you notice a child being abused or neglected -- you can report their parents to the Hawaii Department of Human Services. Here's the numbers to their office:

  • If you're on Oahu call 808-832-5300.[1]

  • If you're on a neighbor island call 1-800-494-3991.[1]


  1. "Child Welfare Services." Retrieved September 4, 2015.

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