Did it trigger a series of deep earthquakes?lava flow 01

Kilauea continues to dump fresh fast moving lava onto the ocean. Officials informed the public on Sunday, a crack opened under one of the lava channels and diverted some of the lava into underground voids.

Since then, deep earthquakes has increased; for example, eight 3.0 or higher magnitude earthquakes was recorded over the past 24-hours (as of this writing).

The largest of those earthquakes was a 3.7 magnitude which occurred at a depth of 7.1 kilometrs (approximately 4.4 miles) at 10:51:37 HST today.

It's not clear if both of those events are related, but we do know the massive 6.9 magnitude earthquake on May 4, 2018 was triggered by the movement of magma underneath the East Rift Zone.

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