Hell September.

September is upon us and while most of the United States is starting to cool down, the heat in Hawaii continues rise due to surrounding ocean temperatures.

The peak of the September heat greatly varies by year; for example, the hottest day in September occurred as early as the 2nd or as late as the 26th in Hilo (based on the last 5 years).

Hilo's Hottest Day(s)
in September
Honolulu's Hottest Day(s)
in September
2018  26 (91° F) 9 & 29 (91° F)
2017  14 (87° F) 6 (91° F)
2016 13 & 16 (87° F)  1 (90° F)
2015 2 (93° F) 9, 19, 20 & 22 (91° F)
2014  26 (93° F) 7 (93° F)

Due to the sea surface temperatures being much warmer than normal below Hawaii's trade wind flow, I'm predicting the hottest day will occur at the end of the month. This is under the assumption the month will be drier than normal.

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