Question: Are there any community gardens on the island of Oahu, Hawaii?

Answer: Yes. There are 10 community gardens on the island of Oahu. Here's a list of those gardens:

Garden Location # of Plots Plot Size
Ala Wai 154 12x15
Diamond Head 110 5x17
Dole 32 10x10
Foster 60 5x20
Hawaii Kai 39 10x10
Kaneohe 69 7x14
Makiki 160 10x10
Manoa 91 10x20
Moiliili 68 10x10
Wahiawa 465 20x40

Please check with the Community Recreational Gardening Program for the full details on how to become a community garden member; in general, total annual costs ranges from $15 to $90, and you can expect to file an application at the meeting of the garden in which you are interested in joining.

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