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I normally evaluate the temperature before I purchase perishable foods, and the one time that I ignored my strict guidelines resulted in a minor case of food poisoning.

The items in an open refrigerator that I shopped in last week was condensing -- while the thermometer was reading "53° F." Despite those two warnings -- I was stupid enough to purchase Portuguese hot dogs, eggs and sliced cheese from that refrigerator, because I assumed they temporarily shutdown their system.

It turns out, I underestimated the situation, because the sliced cheese that I purchased gave me diarrhea on Saturday, and Monday. I ate a mere two slices on each of those days. Their open refrigerator must have been running at an above safe temperature for an unsafe amount of time, as stated on cde.ca.gov.

Just for the record, I placed that sliced cheese in a cooler with ice immediately after leaving that store. I also freeze my newly purchased perishable foods for 10-20 minutes before I place it in a 35 degree Fahrenheit compartment.

Luckily, I didn't eat a single egg or Portuguese hot dog that I purchased from that store...

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