Apparently, tuna is the only fish on Earth.

PETA are notorious for posting half-assed information. Their vegetarian/vegan starter kit is no exception. I only needed to read three pages of that kit to find something misleading.

"Anyone who eats fish for health reasons should think again: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that women who ate fish just twice a week had blood mercury concentrations that were seven times higher than those of women who didn’t eat fish.


"A woman who eats just one can of tuna per week will be 30 percent over the EPA cutoff for safe mercury levels. Mercury is known to cause severe health problems for humans, including brain damage, memory loss, and damage to a developing fetus.


"One study showed that women who regularly ate fish were more likely to have  babies who were sluggish at birth, had small head circumferences, and had developmental problems. Women who consume even low levels of fish contaminated with PCBs, mercury, or other toxins have a more difficult time conceiving. Some of these chemicals remain in the body for many years. Plant foods such as walnuts and flaxseeds and vegan DHA capsules contain the essential fatty acids that we need without the harmful toxins found in fish flesh," Dr. Neal Barnard informed in PETA's vegetarian/vegan starter kit.[1]

While most doctors doesn't recommend eating fish before, during and after pregnancy,[2] that information is partially misleading for others. Dr. Barnard focuses on "tuna," but that's not the only fish on Earth. The EPA also confirmed that there are many types of fish that contains a safe amount of mercury for people that's not allergic to fish.

"If you choose [your fish] wisely, the benefits of a high fish diet can still outweigh the risks associated with mercury contamination," Dr. Mercola informed. "A general guideline is that the closer to the bottom of the food chain the fish is, the less contamination it will have accumulated."[3]

Fish that's on the bottom of the food chain includes:

  • Wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon.[3]

  • Sardines.[3]

  • Anchovies.[3]

  • Herring.[3]

I suggest visiting to study the mercury levels in fish. I also suggest consulting with a nutritionist that doesn't practice mainstream nutrition vs. taking advise from a half-assed article. You can read a few lies that some mainstream nutritionist have been spreading in Dr. Mercola's "10 Lies and Misconceptions Spread By Mainstream Nutrition" article.


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