Long emails linked to depression.

James Pennebaker, Psychologist and language analysis expert at the University of Texas at Austin, found that a persons written language changes when they're hiding a secret.

"The researchers saw that the depressed patients keeping their depression a secret sent more and longer emails, hid their negative emotions and accentuated their positive emotions, used more self-reflective words,"[1] Business Insider reported.

Virtually everyone that I follow on social websites who revealed that they're suffering from depression posts a ridiculous amount of messages. By "ridiculous," I mean that it's common to see hundredths of messages from those people on my timeline daily.

A second study found that whenever the subject was corresponding with a person relevant to the secret in question, they often attempted to deceive or mislead that person.[1]

I bet you're not going to look at your emails the same again, huh?


  1. BusinessInsider.com | Your Emails Can Reveal If You Are Keeping A Secret | Jennifer Welsh | August 2, 2013

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