HMSA gives back to its members without the need of a rebate.medical-01

HMSA announced that they outperformed federal medical loss ratio (MLR) requirements in 2012.

“Health plans have to issue rebate checks if they fail to meet the federal requirements for health care spending,” says HMSA Chief Financial and Services Officer Steve Van Ribbink. “The good news is that HMSA outperformed federal requirements. We keep our premiums as low as possible by collecting only enough to cover our members’ medical benefits and make sure we can administer those benefits accurately and efficiently.”[1]

The Affordable Care Act’s medical loss ratio provision requires that insures spend at least 80% of each dollar they collect on care for their members. In 2012, HMSA spent 90.3-92.4% of their earnings on members.

As a comparison, some Washington state insurance companies overcharged some families over $500 in 2011!


  1. | No Rebates for HMSA Members. But That’s a Good Thing | Robyn Kuraoka | August 2, 2013

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