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I normally look forward to the wet season in Hawaii because the weather is comfortable, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wish it remained hot -- because some states has reported a spike in cases where temperatures have been dropping.

“Typically with viruses, the problem during the winter months is that people are in more confined spaces and breathing the same air for an extended period of time,” Shannon Sovndal, MD, an emergency medical services medical director in Boulder, Colorado and the author of Fragile, tells Refinery29.[1]

Because Hawaii has a history of being reckless during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have absolutely no confidence that we will make it through the wet season without massive devastation.

We was very close to eradicating this virus from the entire state towards the end of spring; but unfortunately, the party animals cause a wave of spikes throughout the summer that's still affecting us in the autumn.

My ghetto neighborhood in particular frequently hosted massive parties of upwards of 30 people. All of which didn't wear a mask...


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