Should it spread.

Monkeypox, an infectious viral disease that's spreading throughout the United States like wildfire since May 2022 -- with an alarming 11,889 cases reported as of this writing.[1]

The Hawaii Department of Education (Hawaii DOE) has yet to announce their emergency Monkeypox protocol, and this is leaving parents and staff extremely frustrated.

As a comparison, schools in the Southern Nevada Health District informed the public what will happen should someone in their public schools test positive for this disease. It's a good thing they was proactive -- because one of their schools reported a positive case last week and administrators took immediate action to deal with the situation.[2]

"We are currently working with the Southern Nevada Health District as they investigate the situation to determine who may need additional evaluation. The Southern Nevada Health District will notify parents and guardians if it is determined that your child needs to be tested or monitored. The safety of our students is a priority, and we will work diligently to support the Southern Nevada Health District in its investigation. If you have questions, please contact your licensed healthcare provider or visit the Southern Nevada Health District website for monkeypox information at or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page at," the Principal of Palo Verde High School said in a message to parents.

Another pressing issue is the fact the Hawaii DOE has yet to train their staff on how to prevent the spread of Monkeypox in a school setting. I guess they'll figure it out after the fact...


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