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A petition is asking the government to ban all motorcycles in Hawaii. Here's the key details about that petition:

  • "Noise from excessively loud vehicles is destroying the quality of life in residential Honolulu."

  • "The culprits are a growing number of extremely noisy mopeds and motorcycles, especially Harleys. They drive through our communities in the middle of the night, waking up thousands of working families."

  • "The Honolulu Police also do absolutely NOTHING to control the noise."

While I agree that noise pollution is a major issue in Hawaii, I don't support banning motorcycles in general -- because vehicles with illegal mufflers and/or loud music are just as much of a problem.

The state should tackle that issue by first banning all noisy vehicles from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Police should enforce that law by following this guidelines:

  • First violation: Warning.

  • Second violation: $100 ticket.

  • Third violation: $500 ticket.

  • Fourth violation: $1,000 ticket.

  • Fifth violation: Arrest the driver and take away his/her license.

With that said, drivers making loud noise at night should be ashamed of themselves. What part of scaring babies is considered "cool?!"

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