Here's why supervisors are dreading that day.usd 100 bundles 01

Nonessential government offices could potentially be shutdown next week Tuesday and Wednesday due to Hurricane Olivia. This is based on the Friday, September 7, 2018 forecast from the National Hurricane Center. It may be subject to change.

I'm predicting that some unionized nonessential government workers will falsely call in sick next week Monday, so they could receive 5 consecutive days off, 3 of which qualifies for paid leave (based on the assumption Hurricane Olivia will maintain its current path). This means top tier taxpayers will be forced to pay for those workers 3 days off!

To put things into perspective, if 20,000 full-time workers making $20 per hour calls in sick on Monday, top tier taxpayers will be forced to sign a $3.2 million dollar check for that one day alone!

We live in a state where con artists are given a free handout while our aging schools are in desperate need of funds. By the way, $3.2 million dollars is enough money to significantly improve multiple schools.

Update: In a hilarious turn of events, nonessential government workers was ordered to show up to work on Oahu where tropical storm force winds is pounding the island!

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