That new raise could cost them their job in the 003 paper

Approximately 2,700 employees of five hotels on Oahu ended their 51-day strike yesterday after they was offered a raise of $6 more an hour by 2021.

Their new contract could potentially have an ugly ripple effect on the entire state of Hawaii.

It was bad enough the inconsiderate dingbats who was on strike was reportedly so loud (some of which banged on their drums early in the morning) -- some tourists stated they will not return to Hawaii as a result.

The absurd raise could force other resorts to not only follow suit -- but also raise their room rates. This is a terrible situation considering Hawaii is on the verge of losing the value war with other locations.

People are going to ask their family: "shall we visit the year-round warm Florida twice, or Hawaii once?"

Usually in these situations employees are simply laid-off if the tourism market plummets...

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