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It's estimated that 2,000 protestors are camping at the base of Mauna Kea, to block construction equipment from reaching the summit where a $1.4 billion, 18-story observatory was approved by the government to be built.

The protest against the observatory is a facade. They're actually protesting against American imperialism, which dates back to more than a century when the Hawaiian Kingdom was illegally overthrown (officially acknowledged by Congress in 1993).

According to official documents, no one was physically harmed while the Hawaiian Kingdom was being overthrown; as a comparison, most historians agree the Hawaiian Kingdom would have perished if it wasn't illegally overthrown, because its a prime location for a military base.

Given the outcome, small pieces of land on Hawaii can now be used to save the human race from extinction. The Sun is gradually becoming hotter and it's estimated that Earth could become uninhabitable in as little as 150 million years.

Ground-based astronomy is needed to locate threats and habitable planets. A telescope on Hawaii was needed to take the first image ever of a supermassive black hole, and astronomers are constantly searching for asteroids and other life forms that could potentially end all life on Earth.

Even before the Sun threatens Earth, it's estimated that Hawaii will collide into Japan in 63 million years, because Hawaii is moving towards Japan at an average rate of 4 inches per year. The entire island chain could potentially be destroyed.

Unfortunately, there's not many prime locations on Earth where an observatory could be built. That's why they want to build the 18-story observatory in Hawaii. It's a build or die situation for humanity.

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