Opposers needs to find a better leader.

A key Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) opposition leader reportedly stated that protestors are not willing to negotiate and he suggested the project be moved to the Canary Islands.

Their leader must be inspired by President Donald Trump who uses the same strategy. We all know where that strategy gets him...

It's very foolish of those protestors to not look for common ground and negotiate for a better future in Hawaii; as-is, the project will move forward and they will receive nothing in return.

Did anyone notice the young protestors are using the elderly as a pawn in a game of chess to illegally block access to the summit? That's terrible!

What's also terrible is TMT opposers are reportedly threatening TMT supporters. They was seen yelling at and sticking the middle finger to TMT supporters on Māmalahoa Highway in Hilo this past Thursday.

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