Here she comes.

Tropical Storm Flossie has strengthened into a hurricane and its latest forecast shows the storm heading directly to the Big Island.

Shortly before that forecast was posted, Governor David Ige withdrew his emergency proclamation for Mauna Kea. He also extended the deadline for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) to start construction for two-years.

In other words, he's using Mother Nature to clear out the radicals from Mauna Kea, because he's not man enough to get the job done.

Extending the deadline for two-years doesn't solve the issue. It just opens up a path for the TMT project to take legal action against the state of Hawaii for fraudulent misrepresentation.

In that scenario, taxpayers would ultimately be forced to pay potentially billions of dollars if the state is found guilty.

Now that protestors knows the governor is weak, they've have proposed blocking all access to the rail construction sites on Oahu...

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