Criminals approves HB1804.police-01

Hawaii State Legislature wants to target people giving false statements to police officers during the course of an investigation. Here's the full details of that bill:

Bill: HB1804

Report Title: False Statements and Documents; Law Enforcement; Investigation

Description: Establishes the offense of Unsworn Falsification to a Law Enforcement Officer prohibiting a person from intentionally or knowingly making a false statement, or making or using a false document, to an officer during the course of an investigation that is materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent.

The problem with that bill is that even if everyone doesn't intentionally give a false statement, there's always a group of people that unintentionally mixes up the details. If HB1804 is passed, those people would be slapped with a charge no smaller than a misdemeanor.

Giving police offers the power to charge anyone that's in the minority is unfair. If HB1804 is passed, people will simply refuse to offer a testimony, which will lead to criminals slipping through the cracks...


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