A whopping 70 percent to be exact.

The teachers union pressured Hawaii's Legislature into taxing investment real estate property to fund their agenda. The proposal was added to the 2018 General Election in the following text:

"Shall the legislature be authorized to establish, as provided by law, a surcharge on investment real property to be used to support public education?"

The Legislature canceled that proposal after the ballots was printed because it received an overwhelming amount of backlash, because it didn't define what investment real estate property is, nor did it set limitations on the taxing power.

Even though the votes wasn't counted, a whopping 70 percent of voters rejected the proposal. This was a bold message to the teachers union that although the Legislature consists of a bunch of pushovers, the public isn't.

2018 hawaii general election taxing real estate investments question canceled

Historically, situations like this have often lead to the dismantling of a union...

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