Goes on 20 minute ride.surprised owl 001

Sees multiple major traffic violations.

The Big Island of Hawaii experienced extreme weather over the past few days, during which, rain fell at a rate of up to 2 inches per hour.

It's widely known that Hawaii is home to some of the worst drivers in the entire United States. Here's what some of those drivers was up to when it was raining lightly during my 20-minute ride:

  • Multiple drivers speed past the red light.

  • A man overtook multiple vehicles in a 25 MPH zone that has a solid line.

  • A woman almost hit another vehicle on the left because she was texting.

  • Multiple drivers speed past the Stop sign.

  • A woman drove in front of an oncoming car that slammed on their brakes.

  • A driver slammed on their breaks in a 4 way intersection.

I've also heard of a truck slamming into another vehicle because they was tailgating! Those people belongs in a psych ward!

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