Reaches a new low.

A dangerous Hawaii State Hospital patient who was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial for allegedly shooting a woman on the face, and fatally stabbing her in 1979, escaped that facility during the morning of November 12, 2017.

That patient managed to board a charter plane from Oahu to Maui, followed by boarding another plane to San Jose, California. Authorities was only notified of that escape after that patient landed in California.

Humanity is fortunate that Stockton, California, authorities moved fast to capture that patient on November 15, 2017.

Documents from 1993 alleged that patient had sexual relations with at least three hospital staff members. Seven hospital staff are reportedly on unpaid leave due to that escape. Did they too have sexual relations with that patient?

16 other people escaped that facility over the past 8 years. Those escapes proves Hawaii's law enforcement is a joke. Will something finally done about the situation?

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