The situation is worse during a major holiday such as Halloween.rum 001

Thank goodness Halloween is almost over because the roads in Hawaii is dangerous during that holiday.

A driver was tailgating so close in a school zone this morning -- I couldn't see them in the passenger side mirror! They came out of nowhere and turned left without checking if it's safe to do so!

The dingbat had so much makeup on they must have been late for work because they can't comprehend how to judge time. That was the worst of the many tailgaters on the road today.

A drunk driver stopped in the middle of the road when the light turned red. They could have safely turned right but choose to reverse and nearly hit another vehicle. After the light turned green they swerved on a straight road. That was the worst of the many drunk drivers on the road today.

Meanwhile, many drivers was speeding faster in a store parking lot than the drivers on the nearby 35 MPH road!

Some drivers was even getting a sip of alcohol just before they started their engine! They're the reason why Hawaii is ranked as one of the drunkest states in the nation...

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