Here's why small earthquakes shouldn't be ignored.tsunami 01

Over the past three days, nearly 200 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or higher rocked Anchorage, Alaska. This includes a massive magnitude 7.0.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has predicted Alaska will experience 84 to 610 aftershocks of magnitude 3 or higher over the next week.

This situation is putting both Alaska and Hawaii on high alert for a tsunami, because a small earthquake could potentially generate a tsunami.

"Researchers discovered that the very-low-frequency quakes — ranging from magnitudes of 3.8 to 4.9 — can last 30 to 100 seconds," Charles Q. Choi reported on Live Science. "The long duration of the quakes and the high-frequency waves now seen from them suggest these events may be caused by fluid seeping into fractures in the rock, making it easier for parts of the earth to slip past each other and generate tsunami earthquakes."[1]

You can find information about the latest earthquakes on the USGS website at (you can zoom in and out using the scroll function of your mouse).


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