Here's why.

Reckless drivers in Hawaii has been testing their luck for decades, and it has reached the point that it's common to see a driver speeding through a red light.

The three way intersections in Hawaii is particularly dangerous, because if the drivers on the right side of the straight lane sees the driver on the side road turning right -- they'll often go through the red light!

Some times, unattended children who has the right away to use the crosswalk will need to yield to the vehicle going thorough the red light!

The Hawaii Police Department (HPD) should use Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) cameras to crack down on drivers going through a red light. They could test the technology in school zones where it's needed the most.

If a driver goes through a red light and fails to yield to a pedestrian, they could send the driver two hefty tickets. A pilot program alone would raise enough funds to ironically pay for hundredths of RLVD cameras.

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