tedTed is now available to rent at the Hawaii State Public Library System. There's currently 264 requests for the title, with 30 copies in stock (technically there's 29 copies in stock because 1 of those copies was damaged in the first rental). Here's a few details for the movie:

Summary: "When he was a kid, John Bennett wished for his one and only friend Ted, a teddy bear, to come to life. John's wish comes true, and John and Ted have been inseparable ever since. Now, John is an adult with a girlfriend who wants to take their relationship to the next level--which means spending less time with Ted. John must make a choice about what he values more: his relationship with his beautiful girlfriend; or his friendship with his crude, inappropriate, alcoholic, but hilarious teddy bear."


According to the Hawaii State Librarians Office, Ted is still "on order;" in other words, more copies are on the way... assuming they didn't forget to remove that notice.

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