That doesn't surprise me...

The annual Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, Hawaii, attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. It's a beautiful sight to see people from many countries getting along to honor King David Kalākaua.

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of Hawaii's residents are very hostile towards people aren't a part of their racial group, and I was a witness to some of their disgusting behavior near the Merrie Monarch Festival:

  • A local female yelled "f*****g haole" to a white male.

  • A local male chased and threatened a white male.

  • A local male threatened to bang a white family with his truck.

Everyone who witnessed those situations looked disgusted. I've even heard someone say "Wow! Hawaii isn't any better than Texas!"

Odds are those raciest people was manipulated by their elders into thinking that everyone who isn't a part of their racial group are the scum of the earth, and it looks like that manipulation will continue for generations to come, because once in a while, I hear a little child call another child who's not in their racial group a "f*****g haole."

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