No other Hawaii drive made that list.

Hana Highway, a 64.4 mile route which connects Kahului with the town of Hana in east Maui, was ranked the second most beautiful drive in the United States.

"If you happen to find yourself in Hawaii at some point (lucky dog!), it’s worth your while to drive along the Hana Highway. This route follows the northeastern coast of Maui, so you’re all set for some gorgeous views of the ocean. You’ll get to see the various volcanoes of the neighboring islands, different beaches, intensely blue waters, a number of one-lane bridges (about 50 bridges in total), craters, and waterfalls. But be careful: You might not want to come home," the World of Signs declared.[1]

Here's an interactive image of Hana Highway:

The Pacific Coast Highway, a 655.845 mile route in California earned the number one spot on that list. Landmarks on that route includes the stunning Bixby Creek Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.


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