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Honolulu, Hawaii, has surprisingly ranked poorly on WalletHub's "Top Warm-Weather Destinations list," for people looking to get away from their chilly locations in the winter.[1]

Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, Nevada, topped that list with a score of 69.05 vs. Honolulu's score of 30.23. That study was based on five considerations. Here's how Honolulu scored for each of those considerations, with a score of 37 being the worst:

  • Travel Costs & Hassles Rank: 37.

  • Local Costs Rank: 37

  • Attractions Rank: 8.

  • Weather Conditions Rank: 28.

  • Warm-Weather Activities Rank: 12.

I don't understand why Honolulu ranked so poorly for their weather during the winter, where the daily high is 80-81°F, and the daily low is 66-68°F during that period?


  1. Richie Bernardo. "2015′s Best Cities for Winter Holiday Travel." Retrieved October 25, 2015.

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