The top 10 results are surprisingly basic.beach-01

As you type, Google's autocomplete feature predicts and displays popular related queries. Showcased below are popular search queries for "Why is Hawaii:"

Search term: Why is Hawaii.


  1. Why is Hawaii so expensive?
  2. Why is Hawaii called the melting pot?
  3. Why is Hawaii so hot?
  4. Why is Hawaii a state?
  5. Why is Hawaii part of the USA?
  6. Why is Hawaii so popular?
  7. Why is Hawaii important?
  8. Why is Hawaii the healthiest state?
  9. Why is Hawaii warm?
  10. Why is Hawaii so beautiful?

I'm planning on answering most of those questions in the near future, but I figured that it would be fun to answer all of those questions in a single paragraph:

Hawaii is a diverse state that's located approximately 1,470 miles north of the equator, and approximately 2,390 miles from California. The state features some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the entire world, and is home to one of the United States most important military bases. It's a wonder why Hawaii is so popular.

I'm challenging everyone to write a better paragraph answer in the comments below.

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