A "Bring Target to Maui" Facebook page that was created on March 10, 2011 has failed to generated buzz with a mere 155 Likes (approximately 0.107% of that islands population). To make matters worst, most of the comments on that page aren't that informative or helpful. Here's the only three comments worth quoting:

  • "If Kona can have a beautiful big Target store why can't we? I agree it can replace Sears or Kmart." -Robin Nichols Courson

  • "We need a Target here not only for a choice of where to shop but all the jobs it will bring with it." -Marc Jaslow

  • "No Target on Maui...may hinder my decision to move there." -Stephanie Stevie Rivers

Regardless of local buzz on the Internet, a 136,500 square foot Target could open in 2014 if the Puunene Shopping Center is realized; in addition to Target, 10 other stores could open in that 14.08 acre shopping center, that would be located within Kahului, the most densely populated area of Maui.

Target has opened up four stores in the State of Hawaii: two on Oahu, in Honolulu and Kapolei; and two on the Big Island, in Kailua-Kona and Hilo.

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