Twitter users are always posting interesting Hawaii related tweets. This article marks the first of many articles dedicated to showcasing the very best Hawaii related tweets. Enjoy!

Coolest Person on the Beach

  I don't think that anyone would disagree with you, ma'am.

18 Amazing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Photos

The "Kilauea's Morning Magic" photo (the first photo on the left in that gallery) is my favorite photo from that set! It features glowing lava, with the Moon and Jupiter (just above the Moon) in the background! Because I can't showcase that photo in this article, I'll showcase my second favorite photo from that gallery titled "Kilauea Magma Glow" by nidiguikodogo:

Day 2: Kilauea magma glow

Hawaii to Ban Most Plastic Shopping Bags on July 1, 2015

Hawaii will be the first state in the U.S. to ban a majority of plastic shopping bags. It's worth noting that the Big Island is banning plastic shopping bags on January 17, 2013 (nearly two-and-a-half years sooner than the rest of the state)!

Salt Water Health Benefits

For legal reasons I need to note that "salt water sweat, tears, and the sea" doesn't cure everything... but it does have a number of health benefits that you can study here.

Which Hawaiian Island Do You Want to Visit?

If you're having trouble trying to decide which Hawaiian island to visit, that get to the point article could help you in your decision, or at least narrow your choices.

Making Hawaii Great Again

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